You can have paid listings !

We are a small personal bank that we believe will be right for you. We have 100 branches around the country, which are all open from 8.30am – 5.30pm every week day and Saturday too. If you go to our Contact Us page you will find contact phone numbers for all of our branches.

We offer a range of services including Bank Accounts, Loans, Savings, Investments, Credit Cards and Mortgages. For more see the Our Services page.

We currently have an offer on our Special Account where you pay only £5 per month for the account, receive a 10% discount on any home insurance you take out with us and you will be charged only 8% APR on any personal loans should you need one.

To get the right mortgage information for you please choose from one of the options below :
•  I am a first time buyer.
•  I am moving home.
•  I am buying to let.
•  I am looking to remortgage.
•  It’s time to review my mortgage.

Alternatively please feel free to browse our mortgage information below :

•  Fixed rate mortgages
•  Tracker mortgages
•  Mortgages for existing customers
•  Mortgage rates
•  Mortgage calculators
If you would like to discuss anything about mortgages please call the number below or visit an advisor in any of our branches.

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